Hello everyone!

So I’m Cheryl, I’m 26 years old and I live in Northern Ireland.

Firstly, the reason you’re here. I am a blogger and vlogger. I blog on topics such as beauty, fashion, lifestyle tips and hacks, books, reviews, mental health and more.

I work full-time in retail and I absolutely love my job. I was in no hurry to move but unfortunately, earlier this year I found out I was being made redundant due to my company closing a lot of stores. I plan to document my process through this and the changes I go through whilst I try and find myself another new job that I love! You spend so much of your time at work that I think it’s really important to enjoy what you do.

I study full-time. At the minute it’s Psychology and Criminology with the Open University, but eventually I would absolutely LOVE to do Medicine. Unfortunately, other circumstances stop me doing that at the moment but it is my ideal dream/job. However, Criminology and Psychology also really interests me, and if I had to, I would be happy in a job around that subject as well.

I have my own business. It’s not huge, but at the moment I don’t really want it to be, as I can’t commit to that time. I make nappy cakes (which you can look up on google if you’re not sure) but they’re basically cakes made out of nappies (or other things such as cribs, motorbikes etc; I’ll probably do a post on it at some point) and filled with things such as baby oil, baby powder etc. Finally, you can finish it off with things such as vests for ‘icing’, dummies, teddies, shoes, hats and other things as toppers. They’re really cute and the idea is that absolutely everything can be used for the new parent.

Alongside that I also make hampers, both for babies and new mums. I make themed hampers too, for example Halloween, Christmas etc. I do make a lot of other things that I don’t currently sell, but I’m wanting to perfect them all first.

Apart from all that, in my spare time I either hang out with friends, review books or products, play some games on the PlayStation, draw or learn Spanish, I’m always doing something, I don’t like to keep still! I’ve recently gotten really into the Diamond Paintings, if you don’t know what it is, check it out. Seriously!

Lastly, mental health will feature in my posts. Either talking about it, explaining it or raising awareness. I do have experience with mental health both personally and through friends and organisations. It’s a topic that’s dear to me.

If you’ve made it this far, thanks for reading! Don’t hesitate if you’ve got any questions or feedback to drop me a message. You can either contact me via my ‘Contact me’ section or pop me an email at cherylgemma@hotmail.com

Cheryl x