#TheReadingQuest TBR

Hey everyone!

Todays post is about a readathon I’m planning to participate in, #TheReadingQuest. I just came across this readathon today (just in time!) because it’s just starting! This is one of the most unique and cutest readathons I’ve ever seen/participated in.

Basically, it works as if you are playing a game. You choose a class, between the four in the picture below:


Once you choose a class, it allows you to see what way you will be playing the board below:


You can choose to play more than one character if you happen to finish early, however, you must finish your characters line before starting a new one. The blocks in the middle are just ‘side quests’ and can be completed as you wish. Completion of these earn you extra EXP for your character!

Different activities throughout the readathon will earn you both HP and EXP. You can (and will) level up your character.

The path I’ve chosen for this one is a Knight, making my first prompt ‘The First Book of a Series‘. I choose this path because, when looking at all the available prompts, this is the one that stood out to me the most. I will be making myself a little player card when I get a chance tomorrow which I will share on my Twitter, @ObliviousApple.

I will also be posting a video on Booktube, as I’m finally hoping to get into the community there. I just need to figure out a way to set up my phone to do the recording as I don’t have a camera right now. I’ll post that link once I have it!


  1. The first book of a series – The Program by Suzanne Collins.
  2. A book with a verb in its title –  Let The Dead Speak – Jane Casey
  3. A book with a weapon on its cover – Heartless – Marissa Meyer
  4. A book with a red cover – The Girl in 6E – A. R. Torre
  5. A book that has a TV/Movie adaptation – Wonder – R.J. Palacio

So there we have my TBR! Some books may change, but I’m hoping now. I’ve been in a major reading slump lately so I’m hoping this might help me pick it up. I want to read, but I just can’t get attached to any book I pick up. I’m also finding the sheer amount of books on my TBR intimidating at the moment, finding it hard what to pick next out of the mass of options.

Some quick shoutouts now. For more information on the readathon, check out the Sign Up post here. Also credit given to Read, Think, Ponder for all the incredible artwork related to the readathon.

Love & Laughter

Cher x

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