Beauty Brawl Day 2

Hello everyone! Welcome to day two of Beauty Brawl 2017. For information on future Beauty Brawl’s and what it is, head here. To check out yesterdays post which featured liquid lipstick, check out here!

Today we’re looking at brow products. I’ve got to be completely honest, I’m not actually someone who does much to her brows. Shamefully, because I actually don’t have good brows at all! Unfortunately I’m just not that good at it, and when I do fill them out, I feel like I look ridiculous.

Anyway, for the sake of this post, I checked out a W7 pencil that I received in a beauty calendar at Christmas and had yet to touch. The colour wasn’t perfect for me, but it gave me an idea of how the product works! Here’s what I thought of the W7 Brow Master.


Product – 60/100. I wasn’t a massive fan of this. The colour mismatch aside, the pencil was quite dry and hard to apply. It took quite a few strokes before there was much pigment on my eyebrow at all. I don’t really feel like the other end did anything to be honest, it seemed a bit gimmicky. However, once it was on, it did look okay and semi-natural (but that could partly be my inexperience in application too!)

Packaging – 80/100. I’m not the biggest fan of pencils. They break a lot and they’re frustrating to sharpen, but in terms of how a pencil goes, this one seemed pretty strong. I liked the idea of the brush on the cap, it’s a nice addition and in a handy place. As I said, I don’t feel like the other end did much, I probably would have preferred a full length of the colour rather than half and half.

Price – 90/100. I debated over this one a bit. Realistically, you can get this on Amazon for £2. However, you get the product you pay for. So, whilst the price is good, it’s not the highest quality product either. But I still can’t fault a £2 eyebrow pencil, especially with the added extras it comes with.

Okay guys! That’s all my opinions on the W7 Brow Master for day two of the Beauty Brawl. As usual, you can check out the Twitter hashtag #BeautyBrawl for more posts, or you can follow the official twitter @BBloggersBrawl.

Again, you can find me @ObliviousApple, and full credit goes to Emma Drury for all the graphics associated with this brawl. Until tomorrow!

Love & Laughter

Cheryl xx

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