Beauty Brawl Day 1

Hey everyone and welcome once again to another round of Beauty Brawl! I did this back in December, you can check out those posts by searching ‘Beauty Brawl’ in my previous posts. This round, day one, we’re starting with liquid lipstick. So, without any further ado, let’s get started! To find out what beauty brawl is all about, check out this post here.

For the liquid lipstick, I choose Sleek in Birthday Suit. I have wanted to try Sleek for a long time, since before Christmas, but unfortunately all the sets I liked were sold out at Christmas. This gave me a good excuse to head out and buy some of the ones I really wanted!


Product80/100. So, I really love this product. I’m not 100% of the colour on me, but that’s my own fault for picking such a pale colour. The formula is incredible, it glides on really well, it’s too drying and isn’t sticky. There isn’t anything I detest more than that sticky mess that builds up between your lips with some liquid lipsticks! It was pretty long lasting too, I did have to reapply it after food but it wasn’t completely worn away, I could have gotten away with it.

Packaging90/100. There’s not really much wrong with the packaging to be honest. I’m not sure if my one was faulty or not, but the brush on mine was angled really strangely which made the application to the sides of my mouth quite difficult. Apart from that, it’s a standard liquid lipstick packaging.

Price90/100. You really can’t fault Sleek’s price, you’re getting a pretty decent quality liquid lipstick for £4.99. There are quite often offers on too, buy one get one half price, buy one get one free etc.

So, that’s us for day one of the Beauty Brawl. You can check out some other posts by following the hashtag #BeautyBrawl on Twitter, or checking out the official account @BBloggersBrawl.

Thanks for checking in and I’ll see you tomorrow for day two. You can also find me over on Twitter @ObliviousApple. Credit goes to Emma Drury for the graphics involved in Beauty Brawl.

Love & Laughter

Cheryl xx

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