10 biggest books on my TBR 

Hey everyone! Today we’re going to look at the 10 biggest books that I currently own and have yet to read. There will also be a post following this with the 10 longest books on my ‘want to read’ shelf which I don’t own, but eventually want to purchase and read. I’ll start from the smallest of the 10 and work up to the biggest!


10 – 662 pages

The Name of the Wind
Author: Patrick Rothfuss
Series: #1 of 3 in The Kingkiller Chronicles series
Genre: Fantasy

Goodreads link

Average Rating: 4.55/5




This is a book I came across due to BookTube and the mass hype it has on there. This is the first book in a trilogy, the second one being The Wise Man’s Fear (994 pages) and the final being Doors of Stone, which has yet to be published. I’m not 100% sure if a publication date has been announced yet. I don’t know a huge amount about this because I like to go in blind when I can, but as far as I’m aware, this is about a man telling his life story from his birth until present time. It is a fantasy, so I expect there to be something magical in there. I’m really excited for this, I’ve not really read something close to this before.


9 – 668 Pages

A Crown for Cold Silver
Author: Alex Marshall
Series: #1 of 3 in The Crimsom Empire series
Genre: Fantasy

Goodreads link

Average Rating: 3.64/5




I’m not actually 100% sure how I came across owning this book. According to GoodReads, none of my friends have actually read this so it leads me to believe that I must have picked it up during one of my ‘read all the books!’ phases. As far as I can see, it’s an epic fantasy series which follows a female General who leads battle, wins and creates peace, therefore retiring. A good time later, another war breaks out and she must once again head in to battle. To be honest, this is probably the lowest on my list for the ones I want to read. I will read it because I own it, but it’s not taking any priorities.


8 – 698 pages

Title: Lady Midnight
Author: Cassandra Clare
Series: #1 of The Dark Artifices. Set in the same world as The Mortal Instruments and The Infernal Devices as well as other books in the Shadowhunter world. I have yet to read any.
Genre: Fantasy

Goodreads link

Average Rating: 4.49/5


There are a lot of books for me to read in this world before I actually reach Lady Midnight. I told myself I wouldn’t buy any more Shadowhunter books, especially because I haven’t actually read a single one and I don’t know if I enjoy the world, I’m just following the (massive) hype. However, when I saw this book in store after it’s release, the cover was gorgeous and it had stained pages. STAINED PAGES. I couldn’t resist. They were purple!


7 – 699 pages

Title: A Court of Wings and Ruin
Author: Sarah J Mass
Series: #3 in A Court of Thorns and Roses trilogy. I am currently reading book #2 and loving it so far!
Genre: Fantasy

Goodreads link

Average Rating: 4.59/5



Again, I picked up this book as soon as it released, before I had actually read any of the other two books in the trilogy. For some reason, even though I was excited about it, I kept putting off A Court of Thorns and Roses. However, I recently picked this up a few days ago and I’m OBSESSED. I’m now currently on A Court of Mist and Fury, which is also quite a chunky book and then plan to move on to this. So much for my TBR this month which had none of these books on it….


6 – 733 pages

Title: City of Heavenly Fire
Author: Cassandra Clare
Series: #6 of 6 in The Mortal Instruments series, part of the Shadowhunter world like Lady Midnight that was mentioned above
Genre: Fantasy

Goodreads link

Average Rating: 4.48/5


I own this because I purchased a box set of The Mortal Instruments series, I got it for a really good deal via The Works. It ended up being a lot cheaper than it would have been to buy them individually, even second hand and I have a feeling I might want to binge read these when I come to them. I have too many books that are the first in the series, I start them and then I don’t buy the next book because of my book buying ban, I end up forgetting the storyline by the time I do get the next in the series! I need to start finishing up some series before I read more.


5 – 784 pages

Title: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows
Author: J.K. Rowling
Series: #7 of 7 in the Harry Potter series
Genre: Fantasy

Goodreads link

Average Rating: 4.61/5



Do I even need to explain this? There doesn’t ever need to be a reason to reread Harry Potter. This is my first time reading these copies, I think they’re gorgeous. I do want a different set, but I’m holding off as I don’t need another set of Harry Potter (just yet…). I’m currently re-reading all of these for the Annual Harry Potter Readathon.


4 – 835 pages

Title: A Game of Thrones
Author: George R. R. Martin
Series: #1 of 8 in A Song of Ice and Fire
Genre: Fantasy

Goodreads link

Average Rating: 4.44/5



Okay so.. don’t get mad at me. I’m one of ‘those’ people who haven’t actually watched Game of Thrones or read it. Don’t get me wrong, I know what it’s about, but I don’t know all the ins and outs, who dies etc. I do really want to read this before I watch the series, but I recently saw a post about watching 6 seasons of GOT in 6 weeks in preparation of Season 7, and there doesn’t seem another more perfect time to start watching. So, I might actually watch before I read! Epic fantasy is sometimes one that I struggle to get in to, so watching this first may help me getting through the book.


3 – 864 pages

Title: The Goldfinch
Author: Donna Tartt
Series: No, it’s a standalone! Our first of the bunch.
Genre: Fiction (and it’s not fantasy?!)

Goodreads link

Average Rating: 3.87/5


This is another BookTube buy. I don’t know a huge amount about this one, but as far as I’m aware, this little boy survives an accident in which his mother dies. He moves in with relatives and eventually becomes attached to a picture that reminds him of his mother. I know this description was the worst, so I recommend you click the Goodreads link, as I really don’t know much about this!


2 – 870 pages


Title: Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix
Author: J. K. Rowling
Series: #5 of 7 in Harry Potter series
Genre: Fantasy

Goodreads link

Average Rating: 4.46/5



I’ve not got much more to say about this than I did about the other book. Harry Potter. That is all.


1 – 1296 pages


War and Peace
Author: Leo Tolstoy
Series: Standalone!
Genre: Historical Fiction

Goodreads link

Average Rating: 4.1/5



I (shamefully) haven’t actually read many classics. I always avoided them because I thought they would be boring, hard to read, all the usual excuses. However, this year I suddenly took a random fancy to start reading the classics and bought quite a few. These covers are just gorgeous too! I’m not sure when I will get to this one as it’s massive and intimidating, I might try and see if I can get someone to buddy read this with me.

So that’s us for now! I am also uploading a “Top 10 longest books on my TBR” post for books that I want to read but don’t yet own. These again are all books I physically have!

Thanks for checking in, until next time!

Love & Laughter 

Cheryl xx

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