June TBR

Hey everyone! June?! What is going on? It still feels like January to me and I can’t believe it’s almost halfway through the year already. Time really does fly. I feel like that’s all I say lately!

So, with a new month comes new goals and a new TBR. Recently, I’ve not been sticking 100% to my TBR for several reasons. I’ve been going in and out of a reading slump, so I’ve just been reading what I ‘feel’ like reading a lot. Secondly, I’ve been visiting the library a lot, so I don’t know what library books I’ll have until I have them. I also join quite a few readathons last minute, so end up with TBR’s for them too. Lastly, I keep getting new books that I’m too excited for that the other ones tend to get pushed aside! I’m trying to stop this as much though. So, lets head in to my TBR!


Title: Say Her Name
Author: James Dawson
Average Rating: 3.76/5

What is it about?

Why? I’ve been in a MASSIVE horror kick lately. I came across this book in a search after reading The Dead House. I really haven’t read much horror, it didn’t strike me as something that would come across well in book form so I’m really interested to see how this goes.

Title: Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban
Author: J.K. Rowling
Average Rating: 4.52/5

What is it about?

Why? I mean, when it comes to Harry Potter, why not? But I am currently participating in the Annual Harry Potter readathon, and this month will cover this and Goblet of Fire.


Title: Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire
Author: J.K. Rowling
Average Rating: 4.52/5

What is it about?

Why? The same reason as above. One, Harry Potter and two, readathon!



Title: Scarlet
Author: Marissa Meyer
Average Rating: 4.3/5

What is it about?

Why? I read the first book in this series, Cinder, a while ago and it’s taken me longer than I wish to admit to get around to reading book two. I really loved Cinder and enjoy what I’ve seen so far of Meyer’s writing.


Title: The Coldest Girl in Coldtown
Author: Holly Black
Average Rating: 3.86/5

What is it about?

Why? I’ve seen this one going around BookTube for a while and I’m really looking forward to reading it. I haven’t read any of Holly Black’s books before, so I’m looking forward to a new author too.


Title: Cell 7
Author: Kerry Drewery
Average Rating: 3.78/5

What is it about?

Why? I’m actually not sure how I came across this book to be honest, but it’s probably one of the ones I’m most excited for at the minute. The idea of a game show that could go too far? I’m in.


Title: Into the Water
Author: Paula Hawkins
Average Rating: 3.57/5

What is it about?

Why? I loved The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins, so as soon as I saw this was out, I wanted to read it. It’s since gotten some negative reviews, but I’m still interested to see what else this author has in store.


Title: The Strange and Beautiful Sorrows of Ava Lavendar
Author: Leslye Walton
Average Rating: 4.12/5

What is it about?

Why? Again, this is another one I came across via BookTube. It seems like a lovely book with some magical realism, something I haven’t really read a lot. I’m looking forward to this for a nice, easy summer read.


Title: The Marsh King’s Daughter
Author: Karen Dionne
Average Rating: 4.23/5

What is it about?

Why? I originally got this through NetGalley after requesting it. Unfortunately, I didn’t get to it before the release date, but the reviews have been amazing and I’m still really looking forward to reading and reviewing this title.


Title: The Lightning Thief
Author: Rick Riordan
Average Rating: 4.22/5

What is it about?

Why? I have always wanted to read the Percy Jackson series and the other Rick Riordon works, with so many to catch up on, there’s no time like the present to start!


Title: The Young Elites
Author: Marie Lu
Average Rating: 3.94/5

What is it about?

Why? I recently got a really good deal on the box set of these books via The Works. I’ve heard a lot about Marie Lu and I’m excited for her upcoming book, so I want to check out some of her popular earlier work first.


Title: The Circle
Author: Dave Eggers
Average Rating: 3.47/5

What is it about?

Why? This one has actually been on my TBR for quite a while, but when I realised it was coming out as a movie, I had to get right on it!


Title: Uglies
Author: Scott Westerfeld
Average Rating: 3.86/5

What is it about?

Why? This is yet another one that goes around BookTube. If you haven’t guessed, I get most of my suggestions from there! I do enjoy dystopian and this seems to take a different edge to what I’ve seen before.


Title: The Madman’s Daughter
Author: Megan Shepherd
Average Rating: 3.69/5

What is it about?

Why? I was first interested in this book because of the cover, I thought it was going to be some sort of historical fiction. When I read the back and discovered it was a gothic thriller,  I was super in to it! Really excited for this one.


Title: Under Rose-Tainted Skies
Author: Louise Gornall
Average Rating: 4.09/5

What is it about?

Why? Firstly, the cover of this is incredibly gorgeous. This was on my TBR, but I was waiting for it to come down in price a bit. (I know, I’m cheap!) However, it was on offer in ebook form for 99p, so I bought it! I aim to read as many books that feature mental health as possible.

Title: Scythe
Author: Neal Shusterman
Average Rating: 4.29/5

What is it about?

Why? As soon as I heard about this book, a world where all sickness, evil etc is gone, I was incredibly interested. What a unique setting! I was putting it off because it’s a new series and the second book isn’t out for a year, but I’m finally caving.

Title: Her Every Fear
Author: Peter Swanson
Average Rating: 3.75/5

What is it about?

Why? I picked this up a little while ago when I was in a massive thriller mood after reading Peter Swanson’s The Kind Worth Killing. I’m trying to knock through my physical TBR and I’m really in a horror/thriller mood at the moment too.

Title: Hidden Bodies
Author: Caroline Kepnes
Average Rating: 3.88/5

What is it about?

Why? This is another book I’m really interested in, I absolutely loved the first in this series, You. As far as I’m aware, this is the last book, so it’ll be another series completed!


Title: Soulless
Author: Gail Carriger
Average Rating: 3.91/5

What is it about?

Why? This sounds like one the strangest and most random books I’ll come across this year. I picked it out for one of my yearly challenges, and since I really need to catch up, I’m hoping to get to this one this month.


Title: Love, Rosie
Author: Cecelia Ahern
Average Rating: 3.95/5

What is it about?

Why? Cecelia Ahern is probably one of my most owned authors in terms of physical books, however I’ve not read many of them at all. This is one that’s on my yearly TBR, plus I really want to watch the movie and I refuse to do so without reading it first!

Title: Americanah
Author: Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie
Average Rating: 4.25/5

What is it about?

Why? I honestly think this is one of those ‘must read’ books, it’s one that will probably stay with me for a while. This is also on my yearly TBR and I’m planning to do a buddy read this month for this book.


Title: Stick Figure
Author: Lori Gottlieb
Average Rating: 3.66/5

What is it about?

Why? Like I said before, I enjoy reading books that are focused on mental health, having personal experience myself. I have heard good reviews about this book and I got it on a fantastic offer, so I’ve added it to this months TBR!


Title: The Girl in 6E
Author: A.R. Torre
Average Rating: 3.85/5

What is it about?

Why? I’ve heard fantastic reviews about this and I’ve been craving a lot of thriller recently. I’ve also heard there’s a movie based on this coming out, so I’m super excited to get to this one!

Title: City of Bones
Author: Cassandra Clare
Average Rating: 4.12/5

What is it about?

Why? I’m ashamed to say I own nearly every Shadowhunter book and I have yet to read a single one! Nearly every month I put this on my TBR, and nearly every month I pass over it. I have no idea why!


So, this is my monthly TBR. Like I said at the start, I may veer off this, but it gives me a kind of structure to stick to which I enjoy. I have a lot of unread books on my shelves and looking at them can get a bit intimidating. This narrows it down for me when I get overwhelmed!

Also, if anyone has any recommendations for any good horror, thriller or magical realism books, please let me know! I’m definitely in the mood for these three at the moment.

Love & Laughter

Cheryl xx

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