We Were Liars – E. Lockhart


Title: We Were Liars
Author: E. Lockhart
Paperback: 227 pages
Genre: YA Mystery
Rating: 3.85/5
My rating: 4 star rating

“Thrilling, beautiful, and blisteringly smart, We Were Liars is utterly unforgettable.” – John Green

This book was the monthly pick for my Ultimate Popsugar Reading Challenge group for a book with an unreliable narrator.

I’m not even sure where to start with this book. I knew there was going to have to be some good explanation/twist to wrap this up as it was getting more and more confusing but wow.. it definitely got me!

About 3/4 of the way through this book I started coming up with theories. One of my theories was right, but I wouldn’t say I guessed the ending. I followed clues but I knew there was a lot of possibilities and I couldn’t fathom how it was going to wrap up in the end.

I loved the narration of this story and the switch between current day, past and fairy tales. The way the author chose to lay out the story was incredibly smart, you don’t pick up on some really obvious clues because you’re distracted with the book changing times from past to present.


I knew Cady wasn’t a reliable narrator from the start. When she first explains that her father left her and then shot her but she proceeds to get up and continue with her day, I guessed she was unreliable. I thought maybe she was being dramatic, laying out how it felt for her father to have left her. She goes on to mention a few other things similar to this, bleeding out, someone smashing through her head.. again I thought she was just dramatically explaining the pain and loss she felt.

However, at other times things happened that confused me. Her auntie is outside walking along at night and speaks to Cady. When Cady mentions it the next day, her auntie denies it. Who is lying?

Questions like this follow you thoughout the whole book as you desperately try and figure out what is going on. I really enjoyed this book and, being quite short, I feel like there was so much in the book for the small amount of pages it has. I feel like the characters had depth, I understood the setting (the maps and family tree helped) and I had a good description of the family lifestyle in the short amount of pages. I don’t feel like it needed to be any longer, it would have just been filler. The author got everything she needed to get across in the 270 odd pages.

I loved the style of writing and I definitely preferred it to the first book I read by this author which was Fly On The Wall.

Thanks for reading!

Love & Laughter

Cheryl xx

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