Haunt Me – Liz Kessler

This was the final book that I read in the month of December, and unfortunately I didn’t end it with a bang. I had such high hopes for this book but for me, it just didn’t quite go there.


Published 6th October 2016

Goodreads rating: 3.71/5

My rating: 2.5/5 (Rounds up to 3/5 on Goodreads)

Joe wakes up from a deep sleep to see his family leave in a removals van. Where they’ve gone, he has no idea. Erin moves house and instantly feels at home in her new room. Even if it appears she isn’t the only one living in it. Bit by bit, Erin and Joe discover that they have somehow found a way across the ultimate divide – life and death. Bound by their backgrounds, a love of poetry and their growing feelings for each other, they are determined to find a way to be together.

Joe’s brother, Olly, never cared much for poetry. He was always too busy being king of the school – but that all changed when Joe died. And when an encounter in the school corridor brings him face to face with Erin, he realises how different things really are – including the kind of girl he falls for.

Two brothers. Two choices. Will Erin’s decision destroy her completely, or can she save herself before she is lost forever?

I did enjoy this book. It took me a little longer to read than usual because I did find myself struggling through parts of it. It definitely brought a new perspective to the typical “boy meets girl” teenage love story, and I did find myself wanting to finish it and find out the end.

The end I kind of had an idea, but I wasn’t completely right. There was a few surprises in there. The whole story was pretty far fetched and not incredibly believable (paranormal aside), but then are most “boy meets girl” love stories believable these days?

I did like the twist to this one. I’m generally not one for a love story, but this didn’t feel completely like that. It started off much better than it ended in my opinion. The further along the story went, the more ‘typical’ it got. I’m not a huge fan of the romance sector making it seem like meeting this person fixes your life or something similar. I’m an advocate of helping yourself and making your own life better!

I would probably recommend this to readers younger than myself, I think I’m maybe just a bit old for this kind of story.

Love & Laughter

Cheryl xx

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