Beauty Advent Calendar Round Up Days 16-20 – W7

Hello everyone! I’m guessing by now we all know the drill. For days 1-5 and packaging review, click here. Then head on over here for days 6-10 and 11-15.

16. W7 Pink Lipstick


My review: 3/5

When I first saw this, I thought ‘definitely not!’. But as it turns out, it’s a really sheer wash of pink, almost like a lip balm, so it looks quite nice. It’s not as pigmented as it meant to be, but that worked out for me. It’s not the creamiest/most moisturising of lipsticks, but it can be worked around.

17. W7 Lipstick


My review: 3.5/5

There seem to be quite a lot of lipsticks in this W7 calendar, so it’s giving me a good chance to test out their lipsticks and formula. What I’ve noticed is it seems to differ depending on the colour. This looks like such a gorgeous colour in the packaging, but unfortunately there isn’t a lot of pigment so it’s a sheer wash. It still looks pretty and I would still wear it.

18. W7 Concealer Sample


My review: 3/5

The shade of this was way off for me. It also didn’t match the foundation sample, but I suppose that means they can cater to more people that way. This wasn’t my favourite. It was awkward to apply, but then it was in a sample packaging. It was a little greasy but did settle once I set it with powder. It had pretty decent coverage.

19. W7 Lipstick


My review: 2.5/5

When I saw this, I looked past the fact that I had gotten yet another lipstick and got really excited because the colour is GORGEOUS. Unfortunately, that colour doesn’t translate to the lips at all. I built it up so much that it was uncomfortable feeling on the lips and it still wasn’t that deep. I’ve probably been a little harsh in the review of this one because I had such high expectations after seeing the colour in the packaging.

20. W7 Glitter Pot 


My review: 2/5

What can I say? I’m bored of these. Got so many of them now and I just don’t use them.

That’s us for today! Don’t forget to check out the others.

Love & Laughter

Cheryl xx

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