Beauty Advent Calendar Round Up Days 16-20 – Colour Couture

Hey everyone! Welcome to the Colour Couture section of the round up. As usual, you can find packaging review and post one here and days 6-10 and 11-15 here.

16. Colour Couture Glitter


My review: 2.5/5

I’m getting a bit bored of these now. I have enough glitter pots from my products to last me a lifetime. These are a bit big personally to add to a nail look. They might be cute on the face for a Christmas look but I don’t see much use to be honest. Another filler product really.

17. Colour Couture Funnel


My review: 2.5/5

I’m a little on the fence about this one. On one hand, it’s really handy to help put products into travel pots, but on the other, it’s another useless filler product. I don’t travel that much, so the amount of times I use this would be incredibly limited. By the time I come to needing it, I’ll have forgotten it or lost it.

18. Colour Couture Lipstick


My review: 3/5

If I had to choose between this one and the Technic one, I would choose this one for formula alone. It’s still a little drying and tugs on the lips, but it’s not as plastic/cheap looking as the Technic one. The colour is more a a faint coverage like a lip balm, but it’s not awful looking. Again, it’s not too long lasting.

19. Colour Couture Eyebrow Pencil


My review: 3/5

The colour of this is way too dark for me and I have quite dark hair. It’s quite an interesting choice to put in such a dark colour when the most popular eyebrow pencil colours are lighter in shade. I like the spoolie, although it is a little bit like a mascara wand and kind of harsh if used too much. The pencil isn’t creamy but it is easy to control. I would probably use this if it was in my shade.

20. Colour Couture Kabuki Brush


My review: 2/5

I have this niggling feeling that I’ve talked about this before, so I must have gotten it in another box or something. I wouldn’t use this to be honest. It’s a good size for travelling, but I travel with my brushes fine. The handle is too small to hold and the brush isn’t that dense at all. The only thing I would possibly use this for is powder. Outside that, it’s pretty useless to me. It also sheds.

Thanks for tuning in guys. Don’t forget, I also have posts up for Technic, W7 and M&S!

Love & Laughter

Cheryl xx

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