Beauty Advent Calendar Round Up Days 11-15 – W7

Hey everyone! Today marks 15th December which means part 3 of the Beauty Advent Calendar Round up. If you missed my introduction post for W7, where I give my reviews on overall packaging and days 1-5, click here. For days 6-10, click here.

11. W7 Clear Lip Gloss


My review: 3.5/5

There’s not really too much to be said about this, it’s a pretty basic clear lip gloss. Does what it’s supposed to, would be nice to layer on top of some other lippies if you’re a gloss fan, or just on it’s own for a simple make up look. It is quite thick and slightly uncomfortable to wear, found myself wanting to wipe it off pretty quickly.

12. W7 Lipstick – Pink Glitter


My review: 2.5/5

The colour of this is pretty sheer, it’s basically a natural lipstick. The glitter doesn’t transfer too much which I was pretty happy about, I’m not a fan of glitter on my lips. However, some glitter did transfer and it ended up on my teeth, tongue and all over my face. Lipstick dries pretty quickly and disappears and it left my lips feeling in need of some lip balm.

13. W7 Nail Polish


My review: 3.5/5

Not much more can be said for this than the other ones. There has been quite a lot of nail polish’s so far in this calendar, but this one at least is a more wearable colour. It still needs a few coats for a full, even coverage.

14. W7 Lipstick 


My review: 1/5

I wasn’t really too impressed with this. It looks like a dark brown/red, but there’s no pigment to it. Realistically, it’s like a skin tone nude at most, with quite a few layers. By the time you’ve layered it back and forth a few times, it’s uncomfortable to wear and a little sticky. Doesn’t last long at all.

15. W7 Lip Gloss


My review: 1.5/5

Again, this looks like an absolutely gorgeous raspberry red colour. In reality, there’s basically no pigment. When you apply it, you do get a light sheen of colour, but it’s not really enough to justify the colour you expect it to be when it’s in the bottle. It doesn’t last very long but then most lip gloss’s don’t last. Incredibly sticky and heavy on the lips.

That’s us for W7! Don’t forget to check out my first two posts on the W7 calendar and also check out the rest of this series which features Colour Couture, Technic and my favourite, the Marks and Spencers calendar.


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Love & Laughter

Cheryl xx

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