Beauty Advent Calendar Round Up – Days 6-10 Colour Couture 

Hello and welcome to post 2 of the advent calendar round up days 6-10! Today we’re looking at the Colour Couture advent calendar which was purchased through House of Fraser. For my review on the packaging and the first 5 days of this calendar, check out my first post here.

6. Colour Couture Eyeshadow Dust


My review: 2/5

I wasn’t too much of fan. In terms of the sample size, it’s quite big. However, the product has a huge amount of fallout and it’s incredibly messy. There’s no way you can use a brush with this, so I tried with my finger. I still ended up getting a ridiculous amount of the dust over my face and when applied to the eye, it’s basically non-existent. You just end up with what looks like glitter all beneath your eye.

7. Colour Couture Mascara


My review: 3/5

This isn’t the worst mascara I’ve ever come across, but it isn’t the best either. I only needed a few coats to get coverage, but it didn’t give me any amazing curl or definition. Definitely a handy size for travelling, will probably just pop it in my travel bag.

8. Colour Couture Loose Glitter


My review: 2/5

This one bothered me a bit because the packaging makes it look like there’s a decent amount of product inside, but it’s basically empty with the glitter just sticking to the sides of the container. I would probably sprinkle this on top of a nail polish for a pretty cute look, although it’s basically impossible to get out of the container. When you tip it, nothing comes out as it’s all stuck to the sides so I need something that’ll scoop it out.

9. Colour Couture Mini Kabuki Brush


My review: 3/5

This brush is quite cute and really small and handy for travelling. However, the smell handle makes it quite difficult to use and control (although not impossible). It’s not a very dense brush, I could probably use this for translucent powder and maybe blush, but not too many things that need a perfect even coverage.

10. Colour Couture Nail Polish


My review: 3/5

This looks to be a gorgeous colour from the outside, however it needs quite a few coats to build up an even coverage. It’s a decent sample size, but I don’t see myself reaching for it too much.

That’s it for days 6-10 of the Colour Couture round up. I’ll be back again in a few more days!


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Love & Laughter

Cheryl xx

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