Beauty Brawl Day 10

Hello everyone! So we have reached the final day of Beauty Brawl. If you’re just catching up, you can find what this is about here, and all my previous posts about moisturiser, eyeshadow palette, highlighter, mascara, blush, brow product, lipstick, foundation and hand cream in the corresponding links.

This has been a really fun week and I’m sad that it’s over already! But all that aside, we have one more day and one more post and today we are looking at concealer. Because I chose the Rimmel Lasting Perfection foundation in Ivory, I decided to also get the matching Rimmel Match Perfection concealer.


I really enjoyed this product. It claims to be both a concealer and highlighter. It manages to be lighter than the foundation in order to highlight certain areas, but at the same time blend perfectly into the foundation. It’s not heavy or cakey, and it didn’t fall into creases or anything (but I did set it with a loose powder straight away as I usually do). This retails for £5.99 but the majority of retailers usually do 3 for 2.

Packaging – 50/100. I’m not a huge fan of the packaging of this, although it does have it’s advantages. It’s basically a brush built in to the top, you squeeze and it fills with product and you can draw straight on your face. However, you do need to squeeze quite hard to get any product in and by then, it’s usually too much product. Excess product sits in and around the brush. If you clean it, you’re wasting it and if you leave it, it tends to get messy/gross/dry. I really think the packaging could be improved in some way.

Price – 80/100. This isn’t too bad of a price, but when you compare it to the foundation which retails for around the same price, you’re getting a LOT less product for your money. However, it is a 2-in-1, and compared to other products on the market it is considerably cheaper. However, I do think they could provide more product. In reality, it doesn’t last that long.

Product – 100/100. I see no problems at all with this product. It applies easily, it blends perfectly into the foundation whilst also managing to highlight areas. It isn’t cakey, it sets well with loose powder and it lasts all day. You can carry this around for easy top ups when your foundation starts to fade instead of adding more foundation. It’s really small so it’s easy to carry around and you barely feel it on the skin.

That’s us for the 10 days of Beauty Brawl! I really hope you enjoyed it.



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Love & Laughter

Cheryl xx


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