Beauty Brawl Day 9

Hello everyone! There is just one more day after today left of the Beauty Brawl. It has gone through so quickly and I’ve really enjoyed reviewing some new products and learning about some new products from other bloggers. You can check out the #beautybrawl16 hashtag on Twitter to find other bloggers participating and the products they chose.

To find out about Beauty Brawl click here. To find out what moisturiser, eyeshadow palette, highlighter, mascara, blush, brow product, lipstick and foundation I chose, click the links.

Today we are looking at hand cream. I decided to try somewhere that I’ve never bought beauty products from before – Marks and Spencer. This may come as a surprise, but honestly, it’s never crossed my mind. Part of me thought they would be overpriced and I never looked into their make up products either.

So I chose the Marks and Spencer Lavendar hand and nail cream. This retails at only £2 for 100ml. I was completely shocked when I saw this! So I popped an order through, and honestly didn’t have high expectations, even though it was from Marks and Spencer. I’ve paid more for ‘cheap’ hand creams before.


This product is AMAZING. It smells amazing, it’s long lasting in terms of smell and effect, it doesn’t leave a greasy residue on the hands and you get so so much product for your money.

Packaging – 95/100. I honestly have no issues with the packaging. It’s lovely and easy to dispense. The only annoying part is towards the end it’s hard to get the last parts of moisturiser out, but that’s always a problem you face with this type of packaging.

Price – 100/100. I honestly cannot emphasise how much of a bargain this is. Out of everything I have found and reviewed so far, I would say this is my biggest bargain find. That’s quite a statement considering what I’ve found in the previous days! £2 for the amount of product is amazing, you only need the smallest amount to cover your hands, so this would last months.

Product – 100/100. Again, it’s an amazing product. A little goes a long way, it’s non greasy, it really moisturises the hands and the lavendar smell is strong enough to be gorgeous and not too strong to be overpowering. My hands still smelled of lavendar for hours afterwards and felt amazing. This is my new favourite moisturiser.

There you have it guys! Definitely my bargain of the week. 



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Love & Laughter

Cheryl xx


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