Beauty Brawl Day 8

Hello everyone, we are back again! Today is day 8 of the Beauty Brawl. If you’re just tuning in, you can find out about this here. You can also check what moisturiser, eyeshadow palette, highlighter, mascara, blush, brow product and lipstick I chose by clicking the links.

The product we’re looking at today is foundation. I really wanted to do the YSL cushion foundation for this, but it wasn’t in stock in my shade and I also wanted to try and keep most of my products at high street prices. So instead, today we’re looking at the Rimmel lasting finish foundation. This retails for £7.99 and my shade is Ivory.


This turned out to be a perfect match for my skin tone. The product is really nice, easily applied and is full coverage as stated. It claims to last up to 25 hours. I wore this from around 1pm one day and by 8pm, there was patches on my chin and nose with no foundation. I do have really oily skin, so that may have contributed. I just topped up really easily, added some more of my matte powder and I was good to go again.

Packaging – 95/100. All in all I don’t have a problem with the packaging. I really like the pump system, it’s easier to get out. However, with past experience, sometimes it can be hard to get those last bits of foundation out of the bottle. I have to pump this on to my hand to apply it on to my face, but it’s not a huge deal. I do find it comes out of the pump quite fast though, it’s hard to just get a little amount!

Price – 100/100. This lasts a really long time for £8. For how the product works, the fact that it’s full coverage and the amount you get, you really can’t go wrong. I’ve used Rimmel products for a long time, they’re always great value for money.

Product – 85/100. It does what it says in terms of full coverage, having SPF which is now vital to my daily skin care and blending out well. It sits nicely on all areas of the face and is really easy to work with. It claims to last up to 25 hours which it definitely didn’t with me, which is why it loses points. As I said before, I do have oily skin which may have contributed, but the claim is still a bit strong for 25 hours.



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Cheryl xx

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