Beauty Brawl Day 7

Hello everyone! We have reached day 7 of the beauty brawl, an entire week of posts! It has absolutely flown through. For info on Beauty Brawl, click here. Click to see what moisturiser, eyeshadow palette, highlighter, mascara, blush and brow product I chose earlier in the week.

Today we are looking at lipstick. This one was more difficult for me. Lips are probably my favourite thing, I have so many different colours, types and brands of lip products. I decided to give the Kyle lip kit a go in the shade ‘Candy K’. This retails for around £23 on the Kylie website.


I really like this product. When I first looked at it, I didn’t think it would be a colour I would wear. However, once applied it dries slightly darker and actually dries into a gorgeous colour that I’ve now lived in for the last week.


Packaging – 85/100. I do like the packaging, however I do think the box it comes in is a little excessive in terms of the products you get inside. It’s a bit of a waste of packaging in my opinion, even if it does look nice. The lip liner is gorgeous, but it is cased in plastic with no way to screw the product up. This means I’m going to somehow have to sharpen plastic to get the rest of the product out. Not very well thought through.

Price – 70/100. This product is absolutely gorgeous. You do get a decent amount of product for £23, and comparing it to other lip products on the market, it’s not exactly more expensive than those. However, I still do think £23 is a little expensive for a lip product. This would probably last me around 6 months though with it being a current favourite of mine. When you look at it that way, it’s not too bad.

Product – 90/100. This product is gorgeous. It’s easy enough to apply, the lipliner is lovely and creamy and the product dries pretty fast. Once it’s dry, it stays on completely. I have drank, eaten and spent the entire day in this and not had to touch it up once. Saying that, like most matte lip products, it’s not 100% comfortable to wear. It is slightly drying, but I’m happy to take that for a product that stays on my lips all day.

That’s us for today! 

Love & Laughter!

Cheryl xx

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