Beauty Brawl Day 5

Hello everyone and welcome back to day 5 of the Beauty Brawl! You can find all about this here, you can also check my choice of moisturiser, eyeshadow palette, highlighter and mascara here if you missed out. Today we’re looking at blush.

For the blush, I decided to not only try a new product, but something that was a whole new concept to me as well. I decided to try the Secret Flush Duo. This is supposed to be a blush and lip product in one. Honestly, I’ve never really used cream blush before. The type of skin I have isn’t great with a load of cream products, usually I only use liquid foundation and then the rest is powder based.

I tried this in the shade ’04 – Nectar’. It retails for £16 and can be bought on the Universal Beauty Cosmetics site.


Honestly, I didn’t really like this product. It doesn’t transfer well on to a brush, and it’s too much and not easily blended when applied directly to the face. I’m not the biggest fan of the colour either, although it does come in other shades. It didn’t feel extremely comfortable to wear, you could feel the product on your face. I don’t feel like this would help with my breakouts at all, it would probably encourage them!

Packaging – 80/100. For a cream blush, it’s packaged okay. It’s easy to twist it up to get more product, I like the addition of the plastic cap over the top to protect the product. This is beneficial for me as I have a tendency to not put the lid on correctly and take half the product off with it! The packaging is quite cute looking from the outside with the polka dots and dainty writing and it’s small enough to travel with, especially if you’re using it as a duo. However, it’s too big to apply directly to the lips as a lip product and not a great size for applying directly to the cheeks either.

Price – 60/100. I can’t fault the price of this completely just because I’m not a huge fan of the product. For something that can be used as a duo, £16 isn’t too bad. There is quite a lot of product provided, so it would last quite a while as well. When you’re getting two products in one, it makes it a little more money saving.

Product – 40/100. I’m not really a fan. It’s too cakey and uncomfortable on the skin, it doesn’t blend well, it’s too big to be applied directly to the lips and it doesn’t transfer on to a brush well. If you wet a brush, it works slightly better. If the cheeks are warmer, it blends slightly better. The idea of a duo is nice, I’m just not sure how well they’ve executed it. It’s okay on the lips but it isn’t extremely long lasting. It does stay on the cheeks and doesn’t budge, but if you touch it, it will smudge.



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Love & Laughter!

Cheryl xx

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