Beauty Brawl Day 4

Hello again and welcome back to Beauty Brawl! Today is day 4 so we are looking at mascara! I considered quite a few different options for this one, but I finally settled on Primark’s new PS Pro range one. To read what Beauty Brawl is about, click here. To find out about my previous posts, click for moisturiser, eyeshadow Palette and highlighter.

Previously, I was really hesitant to try any makeup from Primark. For some reason, I just didn’t trust the brand. I was actually sent this mascara in a Glossybox (or a Birchbox, I can’t remember exactly) so I decided to give it a go. This mascara retails for £3 and can be bought in most Primark stores that stock beauty.


The brush on this one is really interesting. It’s almost a rubber type brush with really short bristles. When I first saw it, my opinion was it wasn’t going to work at all. I was actually wrong and it works really well. It’s the most my eyelashes have been curled without curlers! However, it does have a tendency to clump slightly and it really isn’t suitable for lower lashes. Mostly because it lengthens your lashes so much that they touch the skin below and leave black dots, also because the lashes are so small and the clumping is quite bad on those lashes.

Packaging80/100. The packaging of this is quite nice. It looks a more expensive than it is, and if you showed it to me, my first guess definitely wouldn’t be Primark. It’s a really good size and I really enjoy the different style of brush. It seems to do something for my lashes that most other mascara’s can’t do! However, you do need to scrape the excess off the brush to avoid clumping.

Price – 100/100. Again, you can’t go wrong with £3 for this product. For Primark, it’s a reasonable price. I wouldn’t pay much more knowing that it’s from their range. However, for the actual product and how it works, it could easily have been more expensive under a different brand name.

Product – 60/100. I really enjoy this product. It separates, lengthens and curls my lashes really easily. However, it lost points due to the clumping. I had to almost wipe the excess off a bit after I applied it, and the eyelashes feel quite heavy after use so it’s not completely comfortable. But honestly, after 10 minutes it dried up and I barely felt it anymore. It’s long lasting and it comes off really easily.

Thanks for tuning in to day four! 



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Cheryl xx

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