Beauty Brawl Day 2

Hello everybody and welcome to day two of Beauty Brawl 2016! For information on what this is about, check out my blog post here. Yesterday’s review on moisturiser can be found here.

So we’re here on day two, and today we’re looking at eyeshadow palettes. For this, I considered quite a few of my favourite ones – Too Faced, Urban Decay, The Balm; however in the spirit of trying something new, I decided to go for one I had seen online with good reviews. This one is actually purchased from eBay, the brand is stated as LyDia and it has 15 colours. This palette is £3.49! Absolutely amazing price for a palette.


This palette looks exactly how it is in the picture. I was quite happy with that, as a lot of the time you find something purchased on eBay is not the same when you receive it. It has a wide range of colours that would accomodate a lot of different looks, so it’s a good palette for travelling. Personally, I needed to add a couple of single shadows to complete my look, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing considering the price.

palette2This first row in the palette is quite faint, as a lot of matte colours in cheap palettes can be. There is actually five colours, the first white is there before the blue but it seems to blend into my skin tone pretty well so it’s hard to see! This was just from one swatch. When I tried these on the eyes, they were more pigmented when you built them up a bit. So they’re faint but not impossible to work with.


The second row is more pigmented, but that’s usually expected with shimmer shadows. The colours match pretty well with the matte shadows, it’s easy to have the matte colour as a base and the shimmer on top of it, it creates some pretty cute looks.


This last row contained a few random colours like the green and black. Again some of them were quite faint but easily buildable and others more pigmented.

As a whole, it’s a really versitile palette with a lot of looks. There isn’t a huge amount of colours to mix for one look, I did find I had to include some single shadows, but for the price you can’t really complain. The palette will suit a lot of people with the range of colours, so it’s good for travelling with friends as well.

Packaging  – 85/100. There’s not really much you can ask for in terms of packaging when you only pay £3.50. All the colours are well set, nothing falls out, they’re good sizes and it’s easily cleaned. I would like it if there was a mirror in it, there is a pretty big space on the top of the palette that could accomodate, but again, but £3.50 you can’t ask for much. I could even add my own mirror if I was that bothered.

Price100/100. Really, you cannot go wrong with this. I can make some looks with this that look just as good as the looks I make with some of my £40 palettes. Like I said, I do have to add in a few single shadows, but for £3.49, it’s cheaper than most single shadows as well. Really worth trying for the price.

Product – 70/100. Some of the shadows are a little faint, but they’re easy to build and they’re easy to blend. The colours match well together and there’s a nice variation. There is a lot of product as well, this would last quite a while.



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Love & Laughter!

Cheryl xx


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