Beauty Brawl Day 1

Hello everyone! And welcome to the first day of Beauty Brawl. I cannot BELIEVE it’s December 1st already.. part of me is still in January of 2016. This year has absolutely flown in and I’m definitely not ready for 2017. BUT Christmas is my favourite time of the year, so I’m going to embrace it starting with this, day one of Beauty Brawl! To find out more about this, check out my intro post here.

Today we are all choosing a moisturiser to try. The idea is that it should be something that you ideally haven’t tried before. I have gone through a lot of moisturisers because I have really oily skin which is also dry in parts, so it’s difficult for me to find one that works well for me. I don’t want to be adding more oils into my skin, but I also need to hydrate those dry areas.

I have chosen the Bliss Drench ‘n’ Quench moisturiser. This retails for £29.50, so it’s not the cheapest product but it does last a long time, so it is an investment product. I started to use this product 3 weeks ago to get a good idea of how it works. I use it every night straight after washing and drying my face. It is a cream to water product and a little goes a long way. It dries quite fast, doesn’t leave a greasy residue but it leaves your skin feeling hydrated for ages afterwards.


In the product description they mention that it has over 10,000 marine micro-droplets. I can’t say for definite how beneficial or true this is, but I can speak for the product as a whole which I really enjoy.

Over three weeks worth and I still have a good half of the product left, so it would probably last around 1 1/2 months. Depending on how much you spend on your current skin care, for the extra benefits, £29.50 for 1 1/2 months isn’t too bad for me.

Packaging – I would rate this product 70/100 for packaging. The product size isn’t too bad, the pot as a whole is easy enough to get access to. I’ve had a couple of pots before that you can barely fit your fingers in! The only disadvantage to me is that because of the shape of the pot, it’s hard to get into the top and bottom corners to get all the product. There’s always going to be some sort of excess around without scraping the sides of the pot, something I’m not majorly fond of doing. I do like squeezy tubes because they’re easier to dispense, but at the same time, it’s harder to get the excess out of them sometimes.

Price – This product, as I said before, is £29.50 for 50ml. Compared to some other moisturisers you can get on the market, this is expensive. However, it does last a good while and it does work. I have bought moisturisers for £4 that are twice the size, but leave an oily residue on my skin and don’t really work. For price in terms of how effective it is, I would rate it 60/100. I do think it could be slightly cheaper, but I’m happy enough with the results.

Product – This is 95/100 for me. I really really enjoy this product. It’s moisturising, it doesn’t leave an oily residue and a little goes a long way. I knocked it down a little for the price, I think they should provide a smaller ‘sample’ pot, as I don’t think people are willing to pay out £29.50 for a product when they don’t know if it works for now. However, for me it works and I find it brilliant. With such oily/dry/combination skin, it’s really hard to find a product that doesn’t dehydrate the dry areas or add oil to the oily areas without using different products on different parts of my face.

I hope you enjoyed this quick review on the Bliss moisturiser. As I said before, I am not getting paid for this and all opinions are honest and my own.

As usual, any questions or queries, give me a message through here, my Twitter (@ObliviousApple) or my email



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Love you all and I’ll be back tomorrow for day two!

Cheryl xx

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