Beauty Brawl 2016

Hey everyone! This is just a quick introduction post to explain Beauty Brawl, what it is and why I’m participating this year.

Beauty Brawl is a collaboration between bloggers started by Beth (@BethMahoney92 on Twitter) and it involves 10 days of posts beginning from December 1st. Each day we will review a beauty product, none of us knowing what the other bloggers have chosen, and we will do this in a ‘Top Trumps’ kind of way, making cards to go along with it. We will review all of these out of 100 in the following categories – packaging, price and product. The posts will be as follows:

  1. A moisturiser
  2. An eyeshadow palette
  3. A highlighter
  4. A mascara
  5. A blush
  6. A brow product
  7. A lipstick
  8. A foundation
  9. A hand cream
  10. A concealer

I’m really excited for this and it will be a really good way to learn about some new products that I haven’t tried before. Personally I have chosen mostly drug store products, trying to keep the list affordable for anybody wanting to try any of the products I review.

All my reviews will be completely honest, I’m not being paid in any way to review these products. I have chosen them all myself and I’m really excited to share what I’ve found with you!

Finally, I will be linking through to another blogger that I’ve been partnered up with at the end of my post. It would be really nice if you would check out her blog post too, it’s always great to find new bloggers and different opinions! For more blog posts and people participating, check out the hashtag on Twitter which is #beautybrawl16.

Who else is taking part?

Beth – La Blog Beauté

Victoria – Victoria Life On Camera

Elaine – Early Retirement Rocks

Kimberley Jessica – Kimberley Jessica

Tori – Powdered and Polished

Laura Faye – Forever Faye

Karen – The Mad House of Cats and Babies

Gemma – An Ocean Glimmer

Ellysia – Miss Dainty K

Andreia – Andreia Prieto x

Natalie –  Beauty Box Obsessed

Rabia –  Rabia Qureshi

Bethany – The Beth Blog

Becky – Hideaway Blogging

Lynn – Lemons Cake

Sarah – The Passion Ease Queen.

Taylor – Reese’s Hardwear

Cheryl – Cheryl Gemma

Daisy – Daisy Says

Phillippa – Phillippa Beauty

Kimberley – Happiness Is Madness

Charli – High Street Beauty Junkie

Natasha – Beauty By Natasha 16

Emma – Running In Couture

Thanks everyone and I’m excited to start come December 1st!

Cheryl xx

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