Puriskin Nurse Aid Cream

Hello everyone! Today I am looking at the Puriskin Nurse Aid Cream. I received this pretty recently in a Birchbox and straight away I was sold and I have already purchased the full size. The full size retails for £12.99 for 50ml (which will last you ages!) So without further ado, lets get in to why I love this product!

Firstly, I want to look at the company. Puriskin are cruelty free and vegetarian friendly, both of which I know are incredibly important to a lot of my subscribers. They are also paraben free and all the product packaging is completely recyclable.

Unfortunately I don’t have a picture of the full size product yet as it hasn’t arrived, but here is a picture of the sample size I got in my Birchbox.


So this product is amazing. It was designed originally with health care professionals in mind, due to the fact that they’re constantly exposing their hands to harsh chemicals and constantly washing them. In my work, I use my hands a lot. I’m always opening cardboard boxes, moving products and doing much more which make my hands incredibly dry, broken and sore. A lot of hand creams can’t be used because they irritate this further, so I was really excited to discover this product.

I honestly hadn’t heard of Puriskin before this, but I’ll definitely be checking out more of their products now. This hand cream doesn’t leave a greasy lasting finish, it dries really fast and it’s faintly scented. A little goes a long way and this sample size lasted me a couple of weeks.

I really like pump based products as they’re much easier to use, so I’m excited to find out that their full sized one has a pump. This also contains vitamin B5, helpful for the regeneration of new skin and strengthening nails, and vitamin E which has anti inflammatory properties.

It also contains vegetable glycerin which helps hands retain their natural moisture, orange oil which helps the production of collagen and blood flow to the skin and tigergrass which also helps in the formation of collagen. This has been widely used in Asian medicine.

I can honestly say that this is the best hand cream I have used in a long time for dry and cracked hands. My hands are 100x better already just from the sample size, and I’ll definitely be buying a few more of the full size for back ups. The entire ethos of this company, the research they put into their products and the results from this are incredibly pleasing. It really gives me more confidence in investing in more of their products, and I’ll be sure to post reviews on those once I give them a try.

Any questions, please give me a buzz on any of my social media or email, and once again, thanks Puriskin!


Email: cherylgemma@hotmail.com

Twitter: ObliviousApple

Instagram: ObliviousApple

Love & Laughter

Cheryl xx

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