111 Skin Gold Brightening Facial Treatment Mask

Hey everyone! Sorry it’s been a while, I was away last weekend then recovering and catching up with some work! Today is just a short post on the 111Skin Facial Mask which I tried on Monday night.


This mask retails for £20 on their website. It is a one use single face mask and is described on their website as follows:

“A luxurious new limited edition for the holiday season from 111SKIN, the Gold Brightening Facial Treatment Mask is the perfect gift for a loved one. Indulgently opulent, this mask not only looks magnificent, but also possesses a multitude of clinically-inspired, skin-boosting properties. The inclusion of crushed gold is more than just visually striking; it aids circulation to improve skin’s vitality.”

They recommend that you use this up to three times a week, so I cannot personally speak for the long term effects of this mask, seeing as I only used it once. When I opened it, there was plastic covering both sides of the mask. I peeled it off one side, applied it to my face and peeled it off the other. The fit was quite good, some other face sheet masks I’ve tried have been an awkward shape and don’t actually sit on parts of your face.

Once it’s on, it is quite fragile. I tore mine a little trying to move it around, but again that was my own fault for rushing it on and not setting it properly in the first place. It recommends you leave it on for 20 minutes, I left mine on for around 25 whilst I read a little. The mask itself has a golden tinge and is almost jelly like in texture. Honestly it feels like cold jelly on your face! It’s really nice though.

I do have a picture of it on, but I’ve decided not to scare you all with it, as it does look a little creepy!

Taking the mask off, there was a little bit of residue on my face. They recommend you massage this in, which I did, and it dried up pretty fast. My face was really red and broken out and I can honestly say that after using this, my skin looked brighter and less irritated. My nose is really oily and it didn’t help with that, but again it doesn’t state that that is a feature of the mask.

All in all, I would definitely consider this product again. Unfortunately the price is a big factor to me, but I would definitely like to see the long term effects, having seen such an amazing difference with one use.

9/10 – YAY!

I would definitely recommend you try this product. I absolutely loved it. I was new to the brand before this, so I’m going to go on their website and look into trying a few new products!

Cheryl xx

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