W7 Countdown to Christmas Advent Calendar

Hello and welcome to another W7 review. I know I’ve been doing a lot of W7 lately, I promise I have loads more brands (including high end brands) lined up, I’m just trying to get through stuff in some sort of logical order!

So today, as the title suggests, we are looking at the W7 Countdown to Christmas Advent Calendar. This retails for £29.95 on the W7 website, however they are several other places you can pick this up as well for a slightly cheaper price.

The way I’m going to do this, seeing as it’s not yet Christmas, is I’m going to do my review of the packaging, general assumptions about the product and I will open 4 random doors to give you an idea as to what you can expect in this calendar. This means that if any of you have this calendar or you’re planning on getting it, you won’t get too many spoilers!

What I will then do, is further on down the post I will go into further depth as to the rest of the products in the calendar, giving you an overview of absolutely everything you’re getting for your money so you can have a more educated purchase if you’re wanting to buy this as a gift for somebody. This will then include the size of samples, products, any full size samples and whether I think it’s worth the money personally.


So firstly, I think the packaging of this product is pretty cute looking. The front has a girl dressed in a Christmas looking outfit walking through the snow carrying some W7 shopping bags. It definitely screams Christmas, you wouldn’t have to second take to know what it was for!

When you open it, it opens to show 24 doors. Overall the quality of the packaging is really good, the cardboard seems pretty thick and it’s shiny with the print that’s on it, not cheap. The inside essentially replicates the picture on the front but larger, so not too much difference there.


The back of the packaging I’ll not show because it actually lists what you get inside, so it’s a spoiler! It’s just the same shiny red packaging with what looks like an ‘ingredients’ list.

The only thing I’ll comment on with the doors is that they were really difficult to open. It actually started to hurt my nail after quite a few, and I found that if I tried to force them open I would rip the cardboard and ruin the packaging. Not a huge deal as it’s not the kind of packaging you keep and reuse, but I do like to have my packaging looking pretty whilst I’m still using the entire product. Secondly getting the products out of the calendar proved to be quite a task. I ended up pushing the back, again destroying the packaging. You can actually open the bottom and take the trays of goods out, so I found myself doing that at one point to ‘push’ the product through.

So past all that, this is the fun part. Let’s open some doors!

The first door I randomly picked was door number four. I’ve taken a few photos here just to show you what the product looks like once opened and then the actual product. There won’t be as many photos for each door in future!


So the first random door I picked got me a nail polish which I’m pretty sure is in the shade ‘Red Dazzle’, although it does have a purple sheen to it which comes out more on camera. In terms of the size, it’s a decent sized nail polish. Because I don’t wear colours like this that often, it would last me quite a while. The only thing I would say is you would need more than one coat and you would need a top coat to protect it, as it doesn’t seem to be the highest quality polish.

Next we came to door number 18.


This is a tester sample of their concealer in the shade ‘light medium.’ Unfortunately this isn’t suitable for me, but this is the risk you run when picking advent calendars, as they can’t put every shade in to suit everyone. I did test it out and it seemed a bit greasy, but I’m honestly not happy giving an honest review until I have one in my shade to work with. Maybe I’ll put that on my to do list!

Next up came door number 11.


All the doors were generally the same shape and size, so I didn’t realise I was picking most of the same looking products. However, this is a sample size of their clear lipgloss. I did try this out but I found it to be quite sticky and uncomfortable to wear, but to be honest, I’m more of a matte lip fan myself. I think I’ll give this to my niece who is experimenting with make up,she might like it!

Lastly we came across door 23.


Inside here we found another lip gloss, this time in the shade ‘pink’. Again, I’m not a huge fan but then I’m not a big fan of lipglosses. In the swatch, you can see it’s a very sheer colour and I definitely would not say it’s buildable. So it’s definitely more of a sheer, muted lip with this one. The smell was pretty nice though.

So going off what we’ve seen so far, I think this set would be good for a younger person or someone just starting out with make-up. I wouldn’t personally pay £29.95 for it again, but then I’ve yet to review and look at the other products involved, so that might change. I hope this gave you a general idea and please feel free to ask me any questions you may have.

Continuing from here, I look at all the products in this advent calendar and behind all the doors. If you’re not interested in this and don’t want to spoil it for yourself, don’t read any further on!

If you’re leaving us here, thanks for reading and drop me a message on here or Twitter, I would love to have a chat! Cheryl xx

So I’m going to go ahead and open these in order from 1 – 24. I’ll group them in pics of 4 at a time. I’ll include any swatches etc at the end to keep them all together and in order. The calendar was in order, strangely apart from number 9 which was randomly over at the right side!


So doors 1 – 4 got us some glitter, a coloured lip gloss, a lipstick and a nail polish. I’m not a huge person for loose glitter, but it’s quite a nice Christmas colour, so could definitely come in handy for some people. The lip gloss and lipstick I did swatch which can be seen at the end. The nail polish I applied and showed in the previous picture.


Doors 5 – 8 gave us some more glitter, another lipstick, another nail polish and some concealer. (All colours etc will be listed below). Again, these are pretty decent sample sizes, definitely enough in the lipsticks and nail polish to keep you going a while, and enough in the concealer to get a few goes and see if you like or dislike it.


Okay so doors 9 – 12 gave us much of the same again. We got another 2 lip sticks, a clear lip gloss and another nail polish. These samples are good for trying out new colours that you previously wouldn’t have tried, however there could be a lot of unused make up and wastage with these.


Not much more to say, there seems to be a bit of a pattern in this advent calendar! 2 more lipsticks, another lipgloss and another nail polish. I won’t be short of any of these for a while!


This one gave us 2 more lipsticks, another glitter pot and a foundation sample.


So our final four doors gave us another nail polish, a Honolulu bronzer sample, a lipgloss and a full sized mascara for Christmas Eve. Pretty nice to get the mascara full sized as I do like this mascara, it retails for £5.95 on its own.


So here’s our little collection altogether. The pictures on the back of the calendar are quite bad, so it’s hard to match up the shades with the particular products, so I’ll just list them all here. You get one full sized eyelust mascara, retailing at £5.95. Next there are four lip glosses in the shades moulin rouge, pink, red and a clear one. These retail at £3.95 for their full sized counterparts. These are around 1/3 of the size of the full size, so working out at around £1.30 value.  The pink one is quite sheer as I said before. The middle one I was quite surprised with, it was extremely pigmented and thick. The one on the right was also quite pigmented but felt more like a lip gloss.


Next up are 3 glitter pots containing pink, silver and white glitter. These retail at £2.99 for about 4 times the amount, so they’re probably worth around 50p each.


Next is the sample size of the Honolulu powder. This shade is a little dark for me, but the sample size is quite nice. The lid slides on and off instead of lifting it up, so it’s a little bit easier to open, as I find trying to lift the lid on really thin products difficult sometimes. This retails at £5.95 for the full size which also comes with an application brush and is about 5 times the size. For that reason, I would value this at around £1.50 max. I found this to be quite pigmented and soft, I quite like the formulation of this powder.


Next we have a concealer in the shade light medium and a foundation in the shade natural beige. The foundation was too dark for me unfortunately, which is a risk you run whenever you get advent calendars. I did still give it a go however to see how it wore, I found it to be quite greasy and quite visible as cakey make up on the skin. It didn’t blend very well, and was quite patchy in my oily areas. These retail for £6.95 each, however in comparison these are really small samples, so at most I would value them at £2.


Next we have the four nail polish colours. I didn’t try these ones out, but I will at another point soon and I’ll link it through to this post. Here are the colours closer up, they’re quite nice colours. Definitely not all colours I would have reached for and bought straight away, so it’s nice to give them a go. These retail for £4.95 for 15ml and the samples are 5ml, so worth around £1.65 each.


Finally we have the eight lipsticks. These comes in the shades raspberry ripple, royale, lollipop, negligee, forever red, ruby red, portfolio and nicely nude. Full size these retail for £4.95, so again I would probably value these at around £1.50.


These colours were quite nice although not all shades that I would necessarily wear. The second shade has quite a lot of glitter in it which I’m not a fan of, I find it irritates my lips and can sometimes make my look seem a bit cheap. The third nude colour I wasn’t impressed with, it took quite a lot of swatching to get the colour shown, it was patchy and extremely dry, it pulled my skin on application.


These found colours were gorgeous and all applied quite well. The red didn’t quite come out the shade I expected, there was more pink tones to it than I realised. The pink on the end was so silky smooth it felt like a gloss on application. The only downside to that one is again, it has quite a lot of glitter in it.

So that is it for this review! As I said, this retails for £29.95. The estimated value is around £36.95, so you are saving an amount in getting this calendar. However, it does depend on the amount you use. You may save £7, but if you don’t use all the products and they sit in your make-up collection, you may end up wasting money. However, that’s the risk you always run with calendars!

I would personally give this a 8/10. The sample sizes were generous, the products given were nice, however I would have liked a little bit more diversity and it is disappointing when some of the samples aren’t in the shades to match your skin tone. However, everybody can’t get the perfect match on that one, so can’t really give that as a negative!

As a side note, I would have liked the products to have their shade names printed or stuck on them somewhere. The picture on the back didn’t help at all, it listed shades but you couldn’t see the product to match it up.

Rating 8/10 – YAY!

If you’ve reached the end of this post, thank you! I am going to be doing a giveaway of a W7 Advent Calendar starting on the 8/11 on my Twitter (ObliviousApple), so make sure you’re following me on that date for details on how to enter! I also have a lot more giveaways lined up in the run up to Christmas, so there’s plenty more chances to get involved and win!

Cheryl xx

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