W7 ‘The Glam Box’ Review

Hello everyone and welcome to another W7 review! If you missed the last one, you can catch it over here. It was my review on W7 ‘Colour Me Buff’ Palette.

So in this post, we’re looking at the W7 ‘The Glam Box’. In this box, you get three different palettes. Firstly you get the ‘Midnight’ palette. This is their smokey shades eyeshadow palette. Secondly, you get ‘The Cheeky Trio’ which is their bronzer/blusher/highlighter trio. Finally in this set you get ‘In The Buff’ palette which is their natural nudes eyeshadow palette.

Last week I reviewed the W7 ‘Colour Me Buff’ eyeshadow palette. Honestly, I’m not 100% sure what the difference is. On the W7 website they have the ‘Colour Me Buff’ palette which I reviewed last week and I can’t find the ‘In The Buff’ one, however it’s sold as part of this Glam Box. When I looked at the two of them, the colours are exactly the same and the only difference is the packaging on the front. Of course I’ll post pictures of both for comparisons sake and it’ll be interesting to see if one is more pigmented or if they’re both exactly the same formula.

This collection retails for around £17, depending on where you get it from. I will of course be reviewing this against the prices of the individual palette’s and saying if I think it’s worth buying the collection; and of course, once again, you’ll be getting my version of ‘yay’ or ‘nay’ for each individual palette and for the whole collection. So enough rambling, let’s jump right in!


So the first item you get in this collection is the ‘Midnight’ eyeshadow palette. W7 doesn’t have this exact palette on their website, but palettes of exactly the same size/idea retail for £6.95.

Firstly, the packaging of this one is really cute and quite small, so easy for travelling with. A big problem I have with a lot of palette’s is their size, not being able to fit them in my bag with other make up items I’m carrying.


I found the colour gorgeous, especially with the golden writing. The little stars coming above the ‘HT just add that little something to it. Opening it up, it did have some gorgeous colours in it to make that smokey eye look if you’re into the purple eye look. If you don’t really like purple, this palette isn’t going to be for you.


So here’s what it looks like inside. Honestly, I can’t say that I would use this palette too much because the colours are a bit extreme for me for an everyday look. But for a night out, they are lovely. So before giving my views, I’ll go ahead and insert a picture of the swatches I did.


Sorry if the picture for this one has turned a little bit patchy, I was having some camera problems. Firstly as you can see, the pigmentation of these colours is fantastic. Even Birthday Girl has amazing pigmentation, and I usually find some lighter colours in cheaper palettes just seem to not exist. They did tend to come off in little clumps which you have to be aware of, they can either cause you to have more product than you want on or they can drop off and cause a bit of mess. They’re workable, but it’s not ideal. But all in all, for the price, I think it’s a great palette.

For me, I would rate this an 8/10. For the price, the pigmentation and colours are gorgeous, even though I wouldn’t use them personally all the time. It does lose the two points for the struggle with the powders, being ever so slightly patchy for matte colours and having the trouble with the clumps.

Rating: 8/10 – YAY.

So the second item you get in this collection is The Cheeky Trio, a bronzer/blusher/highlighter trio. This is quite a large palette for it being bronzer/blusher/highlighter, but at the same time you’re getting more product, so there’s advantages and disadvantages to this!


The packaging in this one is really pretty too, and I like how the gold writing matches that of the Midnight palette. I also think the name is a nice play on the product! This retails on the W7 website for £9.95.



The bronzer in this is lovely but not hugely pigmented, it did take quite a lot to show what I have on my hand. However, this is sometimes a good thing as it means you can build it up instead of accidentally putting on too much at one time! The colour is lovely, however it’s a little dark for my face.

The blusher is gorgeous, it’s a real summery colour in my opinion, so I’ll probably be keeping it for then. I have a few other colours similar to this but I’m not too fussed about that. The formulation is pretty nice and it comes off quite pigmented, but not too much. It would take you to build it up.

The highlight is lovely, however it’s quite cakey as can be seen in the picture. It’s not highly pigmented though, so I did need to take a lot, however you don’t want your highlighter ‘too’ pigmented, again you want to build it up!

So personally, I would probably rate this around 8/10 as well. The formulation is good, the product size is good and all in all, it’s probably worth the money for the amount you get. It does lose the points again for being really clumpy and difficult to work with at times.

Rating: 8/10 – YAY.

So the final item you get in this set is the In The Buff palette. Like I said, I did review a palette called Colour Me Buff last week from W7 and looking at them both, they’re exactly the same colours with exactly the same name. My closest guess is W7 have renamed and repackaged this palette for the sake of this collection, but apart from that there’s no difference. You can get the Colour Me Buff palette for £9.95 on W7, but cannot buy the In the Buff one separately.


I do wish they had kept in line with the packaging, seeing as they seem to have redone this palette for this collection. It would have been nice with the gold writing, however it’s not a huge downside.




I’m not going to go into too much detail of a review here because it’s basically exactly the same as the palette I reviewed last week. The only difference I noted was in the original post, I said about the black (Onyx) colour having this sort of ‘coating’ over it that I had to break through. I included pictures of this in the last post as well. I didn’t have that problem this time with the palette, and the colours weren’t ‘as’ hard to work with as the other palette. Because of this, for this particular palette/formulation, I will happily increase my rating. However, I don’t know if I can put this down to the difference in the two palettes (the original one being the one that’s sold on the website) or just a general inconsistency in these colours overall.

Rating: 7/10 – YAY.

So buying this products separately (working off the prices of either the same or similar products) would cost you £26.85, so you are definitely saving a good amount (£9.85) by buying it at the price of £17.


Once again, any questions/queries, please feel free to contact me on the following information or through my ‘contact me’ page.

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