W7 Colour Me Buff Palette Review

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In today’s post, I’ll be looking at the W7 Colour Me Buff Palette. I received this last week and I have used it quite a few times in order to get a decent idea of how well it works, lasts and blends. In this post, I’ll be reviewing the palette as a whole, it’s value for money, whether it’s a ‘yay’ or a ‘nay’ for me and I’ll include swatches and other useful information.

Before I launch into this review, there is a whole series of upcoming make-up reviews on their way, including some more W7 ones. The next W7 one on the cards is the ‘The Glam Box’ containing 3 different W7 palettes. I also have a W7 advent calendar, which will be part of my Beauty Advent calendar review series.

Lastly, if you have anything you would like me to review, drop me an email into my ‘contact me’ section, or send it straight through to cherylgemma@hotmail.com.

So I received this W7 palette last week, and I was quite excited to try it out as it’s considerably cheaper than various other counterparts. W7 as a brand is definitely more on the budget side, and I can’t say I’ve used a huge amount of their products in the past. When I opened the package, this is how it looked on the outside.


This palette retails at £9.95 from the W7 website, however there are several other places around including Amazon and Ebay that sell this product much cheaper. I couldn’t 100% guarantee you it would be the authentic product, but I’m also not sure that it would make too much of a difference, which you shall see as we get further into this review.

So unfortunately, I didn’t take a picture of this as soon as I opened it up, as I was too excited and got straight into my swatches. I did try and clean it up a little, but to be honest, the pigment on these shadows was so bad that I had to take quite a lot of the shadow to develop any colour. This led to it getting a little messy inside.


So in terms of the colours, there is a nice range moving from your bright colours that are nice for highlighting the inside corner of your eye, up to solid lid colours, blending colours and some darker colours. This palette had a lot of potential, so I’m sad to say I was a little let down. I’ll insert the swatches here first to give you an idea of what the colours are like on. I’ve added the numbers 1-12 on both pictures so you can see which shadow matches to which swatch.

Also all the shadows were quite hard to work with. They either required half the pan to lift any colour, or they came out incredibly clumpy. They could be worked with easily, but the clumps would fall off easily meaning a bit of clean up, you could accidentally put too much on because once the clump was spread out, there was more shadow that expected and it just added a good bit of time to the process, it made them a lot harder to blend as well.


Okay, so #1 I was excited for, I had planned to use it as an inner highlight. However, I nearly had to take half the pan just to get the swatch shown on my arm! It transfers okay to your finger, but once you try and apply it to the arm, it doesn’t transfer. Using a sponge or a brush doesn’t lift the shadow at all really, so I was pretty limited with this one.

#2, I didn’t expect this to come out how it did, but I’m pleasantly surprised. It’s quite a gorgeous golden colour, definitely wearable and definitely a colour I could get addicted to. This shadow was a little clumpy, but compared to the others it was one of the easiest to work with.

#3 was very similar to the first shadow. Again, I was excited to use this as an inner highlight and also for below the brow, but it also didn’t show much pigment at all.

#4 is another pretty shimmer shadow. I used this in one of my looks as the middle of my lid shadow and it was gorgeous. Unfortunately I didn’t take pictures, but I’ll be sure to do a few looks with this palette and upload the to my Instagram. Information on how to find me will be at the end of this post.

#5 is an interesting colour. The pigment wasn’t great, but I was able to get a decent amount of product to work with. I’m not a huge fan of the colour, but it’s workable.

#6 is not a colour I’m a fan of. It was a little bit patchy, but all in all slightly more pigmented.


So these darker colours seemed to be a good bit more pigmented, but again they were incredibly clumpy. There’s no need for me to go through all 6 of these as they were all essentially the same. They were all slightly more pigmented and workable, so better than the others. The only patchy one out of these was #12. I wasn’t too fussed personally because I don’t use black very often, but you don’t pay for a palette where half the colours are unusable!

Out of these six swatches, the black was definitely my least favourite. I felt like I had a layer I needed to break through of completely unusable product before I actually reached some product that would swatch. At that, it was still incredibly patchy and not that pigmented. Maybe once I get further down the pigment will get better, but in my opinion, still not great. I’m putting a photo up here, in it you can see the edges, which was originally all over the pan. You can see I’ve scraped that away to get the product underneath, and you can see the swatch where it’s not as strong and patchy.


So that’s my opinion on the palette. #1, #3 and #12 are essentially unusable for me. The others are workable with patience, but they’re not the best I’ve come across. Maybe I got a dodgy palette, as I can’t speak for all the W7 make-up as I’m newer to the brand. As I said, the new few W7 items I’m reviewing show a wide range of their product base, so I’ll be able to give a more extensive review on the whole brand then.

So yay or nay? For me, this one is a nay. For £9.95 (W7 price), I really don’t think this is worth it. For a palette, it is on the cheaper side, but I have had other palette’s around this price range which are better and more pigmented. In my opinion, it’s better to save a little more money and get a more expensive palette.

However, if you’re looking for a cheap palette, don’t mind fighting a bit with the pigmentation and the patchiness, then for the cheaper prices listed on Amazon and other websites (anything from £3 – £10), I think this could be a yay.

For a younger person or someone just starting out with make-up, it could be a yay. However, they may struggle to work with the colours and the clumpy parts of the make-up.

Considering all of this, the price, the size of the product and the quality, I would give this:

4/10 – NAY.

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