How Maximum Pop got me back into reading

maximumpopReading used to be my escape. When I was younger it was the one consistent thing in my life. I spent hours and hours stuck in a book, in my own little world. My teachers would always comment to my parents about how my vocabulary was beyond my years. I have written several books myself in the past.

However, I got into a rut. Some of you are probably thinking, “how do you get reader’s block?” But it’s possible. And it happened. And trust me, I didn’t enjoy it. I would walk into libraries, book shops, charity shops. I’d look at all the books and feel calm. However, I would pick up book upon book and read the back, nothing called to me. I would set it down again. Sometimes I would buy a book with the intentions of forcing myself into reading it, but it never worked.

I have always wanted to review books. But my main problem with that was I wasn’t able to get back into reading them! I used to run a blog that had a couple thousand followers and I reviewed books. But as I said, times moved on and I got in a reading rut.

That’s when I came across MaximumPop. They have a twitter account that I follow. Alongside loads of author interviews, Q&A’s and recommendations, they run loads of daily competitions. I decided to enter a few, thinking I couldn’t lose anything by doing so. But I won two, and soon after, two new books came in the post. The idea of winning something excited me, and with all the reviews that people were tweeting about the books, I got more excited. I started reading then and I got addicted – the books were amazing! I was finally out of my reading rut. I started reviewing again as well. Then I noticed that MaximumPop also ask for people to review books. I decided it was time to get back into this as well, and I have done a few of these books for them. They are a fantastic website, you can catch them on twitter at @maximumpopbooks or on Instagram with the same handle. They also have their own webiste.

I definitely recommend them – the more people that follow and send in fantastic reviews, the more people we get reading new books! Thanks MaximumPop!

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