Everything Everything – Nicola Yoon


I know I promised this over a week ago, I’m sorry – I’ve been so busy!

I recently had some time off work and I got some reading done that I had wanted to do for a long time, one of which was Everything Everything –Nicola Yoon.

I had been recommended this book by several people on Twitter (thanks!) and I have to say, I really was not disappointed.

From page one, I was addicted. The style of writing, pace of the story and everything about this book was gripping and fantastic. I loved the style of the book, it has pictures, emails, drawings and lots of other inventive ways to tell this fantastic story.

Without ruining the story, this is about a girl who lives at home. She cannot leave her house due to an illness that she has. A boy moves in next door and they become close, mainly through email due to her being restricted to the house. The story explores their relationship and it’s restrictions due to her illness. As their relationship develops, they obviously hit some obstacles on the way and as the story develops, you find yourself getting more and more lost in their lives.

I honestly read this book in one sitting. I got up once for the bathroom and apart from that, I camped out in my bedroom with food and juice and finished it in one sitting.

For a debut novel, I am seriously impressed. Hats off to Nicola Yoon!

My rating – 5/5. Best book I’ve read in a long time, definitely left me with that lasting feeling afterwards. I had to take a few moments just to sit and think about what I had read, it affected me. I know I’ll definitely be looking out for and immediately grabbing any future books from Nicola Yoon.

Thanks for reading, I’ll be back again in a couple of days with another post!

Cheryl x  

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